Our Story

Founded in 2022

We saw a need!

We transformed mundane salon spaces to luxury salon and spa experiences.  


The founders of JSW being very knowledgeable about geriatric needs and quality care. They opened the first salon and spa in a 55+ community, identifying a gap and the opportunity to enhance resident expected salon experience to luxury salon and spas.
We expanded into senior living, assistant living, nursing home, and rehabilitation locations within two years. It was a necessity to transform ordinary salon spaces into luxurious salon and spa experiences.
Recognizing the disparity gap and need to elevate what residents expect in their salon experience, the team has focused on doing what’s right for the resident and living the JSW values of Family, Awareness and Compassion.

"Transforming not only hair care, but residents salons into a luxurious spa experience." - CEO- Founder Angela Y. Ervin